GPS Tracker - Introduction

Where is, and where was your vehicle? 


The GlobeSpot GPS-Tracker is a small device, which is installed in a concealed location in your vehicle, and connected to the power supply. (car battery)

It contains an internal GPS antenna which enables the device to locate your vehicle. Using the built-in telephone module, this location can then be send on via SMS (via your mobile phone) and via internet (Globespot Tracking website).

Thanks to a built-in battery (not all our models), the GPS Tracker remains active even when the power supply of the vehicle is disconnected. 

Why opt for a GPS Tracker?

Having a GPS Tracker installed can have various reasons:

  • You wish to have peace of mind knowing that in case of abuse or theft, your vehicle can be followed and retrieved
  • When you allow someone to borrow your vehicle, you wish to know where it is and how it's driven.
  • You wish to keep track of all locations and trajectories of your company fleet at any given time.
  • ...

The GlobeSpot GPS Tracker offers you all these possibilities and more. Furthermore, GlobeSpot is capable of offering this product at a very competitive price and without a binding contract that often forces people to pay for years to follow. 

The GlobeSpot GPS Tracking or GPS AntiTheft will cost:

€ 299 (Incl. VAT)